WTC Metz-Saarebrücken 25th birthday

25 ans WTCMetz

In 1988, the towns of Metz (Lorraine region, France) and Sarrebrück (Sarre Land, Deutschland) were both interested in acquiring a World Trade Center licence. They decided to associate their two applications and speak in favour of a cross-border World Trade Center. 

WTC Metz-Saarebrücken is part of the international WTC network since 1989. Steadfastly dedicated to franco-german companies, its members, today more than 100, come from both sides of the border. It aims to support and help French and German enterprises to develop their international businesses.

Président: Daniel Schaeffer (Schaeffer Industrie)
Director: Jean Toniolo

WTC Metz-Saarbrücken is on internet: website, Facebook Page et Youtube Channel



WTC Metz-Saarbrücken

WTC Metz-Saarbrücken




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