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Translation and interpretation

Need to translate your sales brochure, your website, the technical description of your brand new product or your general sales conditions ? Are you receiving a foreign customer or organizing a multilingual business seminar? Contact the Business Center of the World Trade Center Lille! The Translation and Interpretation service responds to your request quickly, at the best price, relying on a network of 200 translators and interpreters specialized in sectors of activity (legal, technical, advertising, etc.) and working in a wide range of languages , ranging from English to Korean or Persian.

Traduction et interprétation


Do you need a Russian interpreter for your next conference ?


Does your website need to be translated into Dutch and Chinese ?


Do you need to have your T&Cs proofread by a German translator ?


"You need to translate a contract in French ? "

Responsiveness – Professional Quality – Confidentiality

For more than 25 years, the Business Center at the World Trade Center Lille has offered you a translation and interpretation service at very competitive prices.

High-end services

The World Trade Center in Lille collaborates with a network of more than 200 professional translators and interpreters in France and around the world.

All our translators are professionals who translate only into their native language and in their areas of specialization (commercial translations, websites, legal translations, etc.).

We also work with sworn translators for your documents requiring official certification.

Our team of professional interpreters provide simultaneous, chuchotage or consecutive interpretation missions depending on your needs (conference, business meetings, meetings, guided tours, etc.).

We provide the necessary equipment (cabins, headsets, sound system, technical assistance, etc.) if necessary.”

Your contact :

Elizabeth RIQUIER
03 59 56 21 24

Your translation requests receive a response within half a day and those for interpretation within 48 hours.

Our strong points :

  • the reactivity
  • value for money
  • flexibility

Special “Members” price: 10% discount on business center translation-interpreting services (basic languages)

You are a translator and/or interpreter and would like to contact us. Please send us your CV


- Very good quality of interpretation and translation.
- Very good commercial relationship: available, attentive, responsive.
- A constant commitment for more than a year.
- Deadlines always respected.

Élodie DELY



For almost two years, we have regularly contacted WTC for interpreting missions during our training.
WTC responded quickly to all our requests, was able to adapt and implement all possible means to satisfy us.
I had the opportunity to meet several colleagues in Italian, German and Czech.
Each intervention ended in success: the customers and we were delighted with the service.
Professionalism and good humor are the key words.




Good quality of translation. Listening, available and responsive.




We have been working with WTC for two years on translation projects and various other tasks.
We request their services several times a month, the team is very available and responsive. Our requests are handled and quoted very quickly.
Execution deadlines are respected and, in the event of an urgent request, this is taken into account with the greatest attention to respect our constraints and deadlines.
The quality of the work provided is perfect, the translators do not hesitate to ask for explanations on the elements to be translated in order to ensure the consistency of the work.




I work with your colleagues in complete confidence: professionalism and respect for commitments are there.




The perfect Dutch translation of our instruction leaflet, allowed us to deliver our first export order.


Company OPS